Honda Odyssey EX-L 100% Bezwypadkowa ! Super Stan !

Make Honda
Model Odyssey
Production date 2011
Kilometer 63 000 km
Transmission Automatic transmission
Drive FWD
Fuel Type Petrol
Cubic Capacity 3500 cm3
Power (HP) 258
Colour złotobrązowy/gold-brown

Honda Odyssey IV, production year: 2012
Low, original kilometers: just 60.000!

100% collision-free history Honda Odyssey EX-L. The car was imported from Japan but it’s originally right-hand drive and adjusted to european regulations.

The car is perfect for long trips even for up to 8 passengers. The equipment is full, including power tailgate and side doors! Beautiful silhouette of Odyssey is eye-catching and ride comfort could be compared with Mercedes-Benz S-Class! 3,5 V6 engine is powerful and fuel-efficient at the same moment and the car is very reliably what makes it very different from european and US competitors.

More information about this car via phone or e-mail
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IMPORTANT: Collectible vehicles from Japan are left-hand drive and use metric units – you can drive them just like any european car!!!

Full books documentation since first registration.

Why should you buy a car imported from Japan?
Here’s why:

First of all for Japanese people owning a car with a steering wheel on a “wrong” side is a symptom of luxury and prestige.
Secondly – they just love their cars and are pedantic about keeping them in a mint condition.
Thirdly – driving a left-hand drive car on japanese streets is uncomfortable. This results in a very low mileage, since the cars are usually driven only at car shows and on short weekend rides.
Last but not least – for a Japanese owner it’s a matter of honor to service, maintain and sell the car properly!

That’s why KIMBEX Dream Cars prefer to offer you cars imported from Japan than US market vehicles with imperial units gauges, side marker lights and usually bad history of maintainance resulting in various difficulties for user. Vehicles imported from Japan look exactly the same as european cars but are in much better shape.

Come, see, negotiate, buy and enjoy your life! 🙂

All of my cars are well maintained and usually their mileage is documented.
Cars sold in KIMBEX Dream Cars are my private property.
I consider an exchange, settlements for another interesting cars – more or less expensive.
I buy rare, interesting cars for cash.

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